I am pleased to announce the release of GNU mtools version 4.0.20

GNU mtools is available for download from
ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/mtools and the mirror sites worldwide (see
http://www.gnu.org/order/ftp.html for the list of those).

The sources can be obtained from ftp.gnu.org and its world-wide mirrors:

  ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/mtools/mtools-4.0.20.tar.gz    (539K)
  ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/mtools/mtools-4.0.20.tar.bz2   (440K)
  ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/mtools/mtools-4.0.20.tar.lz    (363K)

The same directory also contains pre-compiled Debian and RPM packages.

Mtools is a collection of utilities to access MS-DOS disks from GNU
and Unix without mounting them, to change FAT-specific file attributes
(hidden, archive, system), and to format FAT media.

Mtools supports W32 style long file names, FAT32, OS/2 Xdf disks and
2m disks (store up to 1992k on a high density 3 1/2 disk). Mtools also
includes mpartition, a simple partitioning programing. It is also a
convenient tool to work with disk image files (thanks to the -i flag).

For more information on mtools, including links to file downloads,
please see the mtools web page: http://www.gnu.org/software/mtools

Please email bugs or suggestions to <info-mto...@gnu.org>.

Improvements since the 4.0.19 release are:

- initialize directory entries to 0
- bad message "Too few sectors" replaced with "Too many sectors"
- apostrophe in mlabel no longer causes generation of long entry
- option to fake system date for file creation using the
SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH environment variables

- can now be compiled with "clang" compiler
- fallback function for strndup, for those platforms that don't have it
- fixed a number of -Wextra warnings

- new compressed archive formats for uz/lz

- allow to specify number of reserved sectors for FAT32.
- file/device locking with timeout (rather than immediate failure)
- fixed support for BPB-less legacy formats.
- removed check that disk must be an integer number of tracks.

- removed .eh/.oh macros from manual pages



If you have a working or partly working program that you'd like
to offer to the GNU project as a GNU package,
see https://www.gnu.org/help/evaluation.html.

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