On Wed, 21 Sep 2016 15:48:58 +0200 Michael Albinus <michael.albi...@gmx.de> 

MA> How could I change my configuration, that this timeout is reduced? Or
MA> that prior to connecting the server via imap there is a check, whether
MA> the server is reachable?

MA> Extra bonus if I could configure it such a way that I don't need to
MA> confirm that the server isn't reachable.

On Thu, 22 Sep 2016 10:25:26 +0800 Eric Abrahamsen <e...@ericabrahamsen.net> 

EA> What I think would be preferable would be if a server status of "closed"
EA> persisted between Gnus restarts. Then you could just leave it closed,
EA> and open it manually when you decide you want to check news.

Manual work always sucks :)

I think a new server parameter `check-reachable' or something like that
would make sense. It could be a number (indicating connection timeout
time) or a path (a command to run to check connectivity).

I'll follow up on emacs-devel regarding socket timeouts in general. I
think the improvement has to be made in the C core.

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