Loris Bennett wrote:

> Here the backtrace when I start Gnus and then
> try to toggle topics [...]
> My assumption is that something happened to
> .newsrc and/or .newsrc.eld and that has
> occurred. Is there someway to discard all the
> topic information and start afresh?

Well, which one do you use?

In .newsrc.eld it says

    ;; Never delete this file -- if you want to force Gnus to read the
    ;; .newsrc file (if you have one), touch .newsrc instead.

But that's almost never a good idea. If you
solve the problem by deleting files that have
been populated automatically, what will happen
is what once produced the bug will just do
so again!

Rather, what hits do you get when you search
all your Emacs init files for "topic"?

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