On Sun, Nov 13, 2016 at 08:05:12AM +0300, Jean Louis wrote:
> Thank you. I did that, I could build it, and not install it. It
> requires texi2html which it does not check during configure. And I
> have it not, it is not part of texinfo distribution that I know.

It is part of the Texinfo source repository:


although apparently no longer maintained:


and not included in the Texinfo distribution.

Despite that, some distributions do include it within their texinfo
packages, e.g.


from which you can see that the separate distributions are still
available, but have not been updated since 2010:


However there is a partially compatible drop-in replacement which is a
simple wrapper around texi2any:


Perhaps I need to convert the build process to use that.  I have no
idea how well it would work right now.

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