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Web designer position

Company Profile

Chiosonline is a small business concern that was established in the year 2000 and its main area of work is Internet software development. It is based on the island of Chios, Greece. The company develops mainly projects for its own customers as well as company owned projects. At this time, the company employs 4 people in its main offices in Chios and it exhibits a satisfactory rate of growth. The working environment is one of collaboration. The project completion times vary from a few days to 1-2 months.

Job Description

There is currently an open position for a web designer who will be integrated in the creative department of the company and will be telecommuting full time and exclusively with Chiosonline. The objective of this position is website development, especially for small to midsize companies in the area of tourism but in other bigger projects as well. The Web designer position is offered to those with the ability to create aesthetically well designed websites and less to those that their main expertise is web programming (web developers). Of course candidates that exhibit both qualifications will not be excluded but it the qualities that can be found in a expert designer will influence the final decision.






Macromedia Dreamweaver



Macromedia Flash




Adobe Photoshop OR Jasc Paint Shop Pro


















Action script




Advanced English (spoken/written)




2-3 year in a relative position with proven work record (published working websites)




Personal interest for Internet related issues



Creativity, imagination, personal pride in work.



Duration of contract

The duration of the contract is estimated to be 2 years and may be extended. The contract may be resolved by either party by giving a written notice 3 months before the desired date.

Work schedule

Working hours are 09:00 to 17:00 Greek local time (GMT+2) Monday - Friday. Adjustments to these times maybe made in other days and times after prior arrangement with Chiosonline.

Non working days are the official holidays of the country where the Chiosonline associate resides. There will be a yearly vacation time of up to 4 weeks (20 working days). Prior notice in the beginning of each month should be given for holidays and vacation days, excluding emergencies.


The minimum productivity requirement per month for the associate is the deployment of 3 websites similar to or and assuming an equal or better quality.


The suggested monthly salary is between 400 EUR and 650 EUR, which is the total amount that the company is willing to offer. Insurance and taxes are the responsibility of the associate. The final amount of the salary will be determined according to the applicant's qualifications. A bonus may be possible depending on the productivity and deadlines that are met per project. The terms of the agreement between the associate and the company will be listed in an agreement to be signed by both parties.

Required materials, software and services

The associate is required to have access to a modern workstation with broadband Internet access. It may be possible that the company will contribute to the expenses related to hardware upgrades and Internet access.

Language used for all communication

The language that will be used for all communication will be English. Knowledge of the Greek language will be considered a plus but will not influence especially the selection of the most qualified candidate.

Collaboration Methods

The company has developed a task management system through which work in progress is recorded and followed through. Communcation will be done via email, instant messaging and IP telephony. The associate must have the ability to travel for possible work related meetings to the company headquarters (Chios Island, Greece)

Evaluation and Selection Process

The process that will be followed in order to select the most qualified applicant is as follows:


Open position publication

08.08.2005 – 21.08.2005

Information available to applicants on website

11.08.2005 – 21.08.2005

Submission of CVs

17.08.2005 – 21.08.2005

Submission of sample project (if asked)

22.08.2005 – 24.08.2005

Final evaluation of applicants / selection of associate


Start of collaboration


Interested applicants for this position should respond submitting the following by the 21 August 2005, 15:00 Greek Local Time.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) in English, preferably using the European CV format, a sample of which can be found here. The CV should explicitly mention published, active web design projects that the applicant contributed to significantly.

The top 3 candidates will be asked to work on a specific test project that will be used to evaluate their performance and qualifications in order to fill this position.

All applications will be considered confidential and will be answered to via email. The application of all candidates will be kept in order to be used for the fulfillment of future positions.

Applications received after the deadline mentioned above will be accepted only by prior arrangement as the position may already be filled.

Please submit your CV at [EMAIL PROTECTED] , Attention Mr. Demetris Karalis

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