DAILY BRIEF Number: DOB02-141 Date: 10 September 2002


Border should be open to trade-but closed to terrorists
During their meeting on Monday, President Bush and Prime Minister Chrétien also
discussed the Detroit-Windsor border crossing. The two leaders examined ways of
maintaining elevated, tightened border security, while sustaining good trading
practices between the two partners. Mr. Chrétien noted the importance of
ensuring that "…the threat of terror will not undermine the security of our
citizens or hold our economies hostage." (Source:, 9 September 2002)
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Comment: Prime Minister Chrétien and President Bush pledged their commitment to
the initiatives and programs that have developed from the Smart Border
Declaration Action Plan signed by the U.S. and Canada on 12 December 2001.

Though the main focus of the Chrétien/Bush meeting proved to be Iraq, the
leaders issued a joint statement focusing on cross-border trade. In particular,
two joint accelerated border clearance systems, FAST and NEXUS, were mentioned.
The statement also included an update on the Smart Border Action Plan items. In
the area of Critical Infrastructure Protection (Item #21), the leaders announced
the first meeting of a bi-national critical infrastructure protection steering
committee (held in late August 2002), where a Joint Framework for Canada-U.S.
Cooperation on Critical Infrastructure Protection was agreed to.

There are tentative plans for a meeting between Deputy Prime Minister Manley and
Governor Ridge on September 19-20 to discuss new initiatives.

The text of the Chrétien/Bush joint statement is available at:

Surface-to-air missiles to be positioned in Washington on September 11
Although the White House has not received any credible threats in relation to
the upcoming September 11 memorial day, it is expected that Defense Secretary
Rumsfeld will approve the positioning of surface-to-air missiles in key
Washington locations. Ari Fleischer, a spokesperson for President Bush, said to
reporters that there were valid reasons to be concerned about the upcoming
anniversary, stating that "Anniversaries can be occasions … of heightened
terrorist activity". Mr. Fleischer pointed out that the government has not
augmented its colour-coded threat-level indicator from yellow-which refers to
"significant threat of risk of terrorist attacks." (Source:, 9 September
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Comment: Surface-to-air missiles and fighter jets were used for security
purposes at the G8 Summit in Genoa several months before the 11 September 2001
terrorist attacks.

U.S. Immigration to fingerprint Canadian residents from Islamic countries
U.S. immigration agents will start fingerprinting and photographing Canadian
residents from Islamic countries entering the U.S. as of tomorrow. According to
a U.S. Justice Department spokesperson, the equipment and human resources are in
place at selected ports of entry. The program called "National Security Entry
Exit Registration System" will be established at all 315 U.S. border crossings
by October 1. (Source: Torontosun, 10 September 2002)
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Comment: Media reports state that Canadian Arabs and Muslims say that
discrimination against them has increased since the September 11, 2001 attacks.
An Ekos poll of 1,209 Canadians between 26-28 August 2002 said that 48 percent
agreed with racial profiling in the interest of security. A U.S. State
Department fact sheet on the "National Security Entry-Exit Registration System"
can be found at: There
are no specific references to Canadian residents in this document; however, U.S.
regulations allow for the fingerprinting of aliens from a number of identified


Oil slick off the south coast of Newfoundland
A bulk carrier vessel registered in the Bahamas was ordered into port at
Conception Bay, Newfoundland, as an investigation by the Canadian Coast Guard
(CCG) revealed that it might be involved in a large oil slick off the south
coast of Newfoundland. The CCG confirmed the presence of a 116-kilometre-long
slick on Sunday morning, south of the Burin Peninsula. (Source: CBCNews, 9
September 2002)
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Transport Canada lists items not to be stored in carry-ons
Transport Canada has published a listing of 100 objects that passengers will not
be permitted to bring on board aircraft in carry-on luggage. The list includes
typical items such as guns and grenades as well as atypical items including
whips and lacrosse sticks. (Source:, 9 September 2002)
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Comment: To view the entire list, go to Transport Canada's web site at:

Microsoft blames administrators for Windows 2000 hacking activity
Following Microsoft's advisory last week, warning companies to beware of hackers
targeting servers running Windows 2000, the software company has reviewed its
findings and now believes that hackers were able to exploit the servers because
they had not been adequately locked-down. (Source:, 9 September 2002)
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War-driving users' kit for "IT dummies"
Airtouch Networks Inc., a New Jersey-based company, has developed a war-driving
kit that will allow companies and people with little technology knowledge to
locate wireless networks without much effort. A consultant stated that the new
war-driving kit has lawful uses in terms of locating LAN freenets and enabling
companies to perform surveys on enterprise wireless LAN sites. (Source:, 9 September 2002)
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Analyst warns that Pocket PC security is deficient
A report by Analyst Gartner warns that Microsoft's Pocket PC 2002 handheld
operating system lacks the most basic security features. By enumerating
deficiencies in the system, the report emphasizes the fact that safeguarding of
company data may be jeopardized. Microsoft disputes this assessment. (Source:, 9 September 2002)
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Symantec reports on W32.Housax.Irc, which is an IRC worm that attempts to send
itself to other IRC users. It may arrive as a file named "MyHouse.JPG.EXE". The
worm is written in the Borland Delphi programming language and is packed with

Kaspersky Anti-virus reports on the Macro.Word97.Myna family, which is a family
of Word97 macro viruses. Upon opening an infected document, the virus disables
Word's built-in anti-virus protection and infects the documents.


NETGEAR 1.0 and 1.3 FM114P URL filter bypassing vulnerability (SecuriTeam).

Granite Software ZMerge vulnerability (SecuriTeam).

Multiple vulnerabilities at (SecuriTeam).

Web Server 4 Everyone information disclosure vulnerability (InfoSysSec)

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