Homeland Security:  Information Sharing Activities Face Continued
Management Challenges, statement for the record by David M. Walker,
comptroller general of the United States, before a joint hearing of the
Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and the House Permanent Select
Committee on Intelligence.  GAO-02-1122T, September 23. 


.... Today, governments at all levels, as well as private sector
recognize that they have a greater role to play in protecting the nation
from terrorist attacks. To achieve this collective goal, homeland
stakeholders must more effectively work together to strengthen the
process by which critical information can be shared, analyzed,
and disseminated to help prevent or minimize terrorist activities. The
of these committees and of others in Congress and the Administration in
crafting solutions to leverage agencies' abilities and willingness to
timely, useful information is critical to the fundamental transformation
required in our homeland security community to ensure an affordable,
sustainable and broad-based response to new and emerging threats to our
country. ....

.... In my testimony today, I will discuss (1) some of the challenges to
effective information sharing, including the fragmentation of
information analysis responsibilities, and technology and collaboration
challenges, and
(2) GAO's views on addressing these challenges through transformational
strategies, including strengthening the risk management framework;
refining the national strategy, policy, and guidance structures to
collaboration and integration among homeland security stakeholders to
achieve common goals; and bolstering the fundamental management
foundation integral to effective public sector performance and
accountability. The statement also includes an appendix that lists GAO's
recommendations on combating terrorism and the status of their
implementation, as well as a list of related products. ....

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