DoD Directive 8500.1 Information Assurance (IA) has been signed and
released.  Link to this document is available at

Department of Defense DIRECTIVE NUMBER 8500.1 October 24, 2002

SUBJECT: Information Assurance (IA)

(a) Section 2224 of title 10, United States Code, "Defense Information
Assurance Program"

(b) DoD Directive 5200.28, "Security Requirements for Automated
Information Systems (AISs)," March 21, 1988 (hereby canceled)

(c) DoD 5200.28-M, "ADP Security Manual," January 1973 (hereby

(d) DoD 5200.28-STD, "DoD Trusted Computer Security Evaluation
Criteria," December 1985 (hereby canceled)

(e) through (ai), see enclosure 1

This Directive:

1.1. Establishes policy and assigns responsibilities under reference (a)
to achieve Department of Defense (DoD) information assurance (IA)
through a defense-in-depth approach that integrates the capabilities of
personnel, operations, and technology, and supports the evolution to
network centric warfare.

1.2. Supersedes DoD Directive 5200.28, DoD 5200.28-M, DoD 5200.28-STD,
DoD Chief Information Officer (CIO) Memorandum 6-8510 (references (b),
(c), (d) and (e)).

1.3. Designates the Secretary of the Army as the Executive Agent for the
integration of common biometric technologies throughout the Department
of Defense.

1.4. Authorizes the publication of DoD 8500.aa-M consistent with DoD
5025.1-M (reference (f)).

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