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White House:

President Hails Passage of Homeland Security Department Legislation 
Statement by the President 

The United States Congress Has Taken An Historic and Bold Step forward
to protect the American people by passing legislation to create the
Department of Homeland Security. This landmark legislation, the most
extensive reorganization of the Federal Government since the 1940s, will
help our Nation meet the emerging threats of terrorism in the 21st

This bill includes the major components of my proposal - providing for
intelligence analysis and infrastructure protection, strengthening our
borders, improving the use of science and technology to counter weapons
of mass destruction, and creating a comprehensive response and recovery

I commend the employees who will move into this new department for their
hard work and dedication to the war on terrorism. Setting up this new
department will take time, but I know we will meet the challenge

I look forward to signing this important legislation. 



AP News flash:

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Senate voted decisively Tuesday to create a
Homeland Security Department, delivering a triumph to President Bush
and setting the stage for the biggest government reshuffling in a
half-century as a way to thwart and respond to terrorist attacks.



Senate approves homeland bill
Tuesday, November 19, 2002 Posted: 8:23 PM EST (0123 GMT)

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Capping months of debate, the Senate Tuesday
approved 90-9 a bill that would create a Department of Homeland Security
-- a massive reorganization of the federal government sparked by the
devastating September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. 

The measure heads to the White House, where President Bush has promised
to sign the legislation into law, possibly next week said a spokesman
for the Office of Homeland Security. 

Creation of the Cabinet-level department dedicated to protecting the
United States from terrorist attacks is expected to take years and will
combine about 170,000 federal workers from 22 agencies. 

The push for a new Cabinet-level department originally came from
Democrats and was initially opposed by the administration. 




Bush, Senate GOP win big on homeland security bill 

By Brody Mullins, CongressDaily 

President Bush won a hard-fought victory Tuesday on homeland security
legislation when the Senate rejected a key Democratic amendment that
would have delayed approval of a Homeland Security Department until next
month at the earliest.

The 52-47 vote also cleared the way for final approval of the bill later
Tuesday after a four-month partisan fight.


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