Dear All,

The Infocon list will be on hold during the next few days till Monday as
it will be my 30th birthday on Friday, i.e. I won't be touching a
computer for the next two days at least. Originally I was planning to
jump out of plane with some of my friends, but luckily for them (I
especially mean a good friend of mine who served in the Spanish Naval
Intelligence Service, but is too scared to jump out of a plane) the
weather in England is not good enough to do so. I guess I will have to
wait till my 33rd B-Day when I should be living in sunny America. So
instead of browsing through hundreds of emails, I will be drinking
Laurent-Perrier Grand Siecle and many cocktails whilst celebrating with
my friends in London.

Some site news: the web site has been on hold for more than 1/2 year due
to lack of resources, but it looks like I finally managed to get some
support for it. A UK InfoSec company is willing to give me a very secure
server with full support which means that the site (which is currently
undergoing a major face lift) will be back by January 2003 with many new

* More mailing lists:

There will be a moderated IA/InfoSec discussion list and I am pleased to
announce that Michael Huggins (CISSP CTOC USN (ret))who has lots of IT
security frontline experience in the US military and commercial world is
going to moderate the [IA/InfoSec] list.

There will be a list devoted to Cyber Arms Control which is going to be
moderated by Oliver Minkwitz from the German Peace Research Group FOGI:S
(  Oliver is a German peace researcher who is one
of the leading experts in the field of Cyber Arms Control, so i.e. the
mailing list should be rather very interesting. 

Also, there is going to be a closed CNO (Computer Network Operations)
mailing list which I am going to moderate and maybe someone else for the
real I-Warrior.  The list will be by invitation only and operate under
the Chatham House Rule.

* Review Section

The redesigned site will have a book review section (and thanx to
someone it will contain more than 100 reviews) and a software review

* Infocon Magazine

Anyone interested in writing useful (i.e. FUD, PR free) articles please
contact me.

* New News Section

* Site Map

* New Homeland Security Chapter

* Donation Page

Someone who servers in the US Navy told me that the site should have
such a page to get some support for the project. So the new site will
have a Pay Pal donation page where people can donate money to support
the project as unfortunately it is not easy to run such an operation
with virtually no financial support.

Last, but not least I want to say thank you to all the people who have
been supporting the project. Thank you Bob, John, Mike, Chet, Rick and
countless others. 

I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.



'Information is the currency of victory on the battlefield.'
GEN Gordon Sullivan, CSA (1993)

Wanja Eric Naef
Principal Researcher
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