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> http://www.myce.com/news/hp-pre-programmed-failure-date-unofficial-non-hp-ink-cartridges-printers-80457/
> Posted 16 September 2016 19:20 CEST by  Jan Willem Aldershoff
> Investigation of an online printer ink retailer shows that HP has programmed 
> a date in its printer firmware on which unofficial non-HP cartridges would 
> fail. Thousands of HP printers around the world started to show error 
> messages on the same day, the 13th of September 2016.
> On that date HP printers with non-HP cartridges started to show the error 
> message, “One or more cartridges appear to be damaged. Remove them and 
> replace them with new cartridges“. On HP’s support forums numerous complaints 
> were posted and Dutch online retailer 123inkt also received a large amount of 
> complaints on that day and decided to investigate the issue.
> After an investigation on their test printers they found a large scale issue 
> with their private label brand cartridges with several HP printers. When they 
> emailed their customers asking them if they wanted to check if their printer 
> also had issues, they received replies from more than 1,000 customers 
> confirming the issue.
> Further investigation with many printer models showed the issue resided in 
> the firmware of the printers and 123inkt.nl contacted HP about the issue. HP 
> stated it wasn’t aware of the issue. Consumers who complained to HP were told 
> the error was caused by using  non-HP cartridges. A day later HP withdrew 
> that statement and explained the issues were a side effect of an firmware 
> update.
> However, the company didn’t release a firmware update at any date near the 
> 13th of September. The printers with issues received a firmware update in 
> March 2016 for the last time, and that firmware was developed in 2015. Also 
> printers with firmware released before March 2016 suffered from the issue and 
> even worse, also printers without any internet access started to reject 
> non-HP cartridges.
> Therefore it’s very unlikely that a firmware update caused the issues and the 
> only other logical explanation is that HP programmed a date in its firmware 
> on which non-HP cartridges would no longer be accepted.
> When 123inkt contacted the supplier of their private label cartridges, they 
> also confirmed the issue. The private label supplier started to work on a 
> solution and for several HP printers they developed new chips which are 
> currently in production.
> On its website 123inkt concludes, “This problem is not unique. Printer 
> manufacturers regularly release firmware updates which are said to enhance 
> the printer’s performance or address security issues. The (un) intended 
> result, however, is that the use of cheaper private label cartridges is made 
> difficult and / or that error messages are caused. This time the problem was 
> not the result of an update to improve the operation of the printer, but HP 
> apparently programmed a date in its firmware on which the issues should 
> start, the September 13, 2016.”
> A temporarily workaround is flashing firmware from 2014 but, according to 
> 123inkt, this can’t be easily performed by regular consumers. The retailer 
> calls for HP to at least make the old firmware available to its customers.

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