How Pirates Shaped The Internet As We Know It

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Today is "International Talk like a Pirate Day." While it's a lot of fun to act 
like a pirate, drink rum and catch up on Errol Flynn movies, piracy is also a 
serious issue with real economic and legal significance. As electronic devices 
become an increasingly ubiquitous part of our lives, the content we consume has 
moved from analog to digital. This has made copying – as well as pirating – 
increasingly easy and prevalent.

Adding fuel to the flames of this rising "pirate generation" has been the 
content industry's recalcitrant and often combative attitude toward digital 
markets. Piracy, and the reactions to it, has had an immense impact on the 
daily lives of ordinary Americans, shaping their digital experience by 
determining how they can share, transfer and consume content.

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