(I'm surprised his company IP address isn't Because he's Rudy Nine 
Eleven Giuliani, dammit.  --rick)

What Does Rudy Giuliani Actually Know About Cybersecurity?
Written by
Jason Koebler and Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

January 12, 2017 // 01:55 PM EST

Rudy Giuliani is going to head a new Cybersecurity Working group for the Donald 
Trump transition team, a move that has caused many to reflexively wonder: What 
does the former mayor of New York know about cybersecurity?

That’s probably a fair question, because Giuliani served as an undisciplined 
attack dog for Trump during the campaign, saying a large number of patently and 
provably false things on a wide array of topics. It is concerning to some that 
Trump will put him in charge of solving the very real problem of preventing 
foreign governments from using hacking to undermine our democracy and getting 
private corporations to treat cybersecurity as vitally important to the 
economic, security, and privacy interests of their businesses, employees, and 

But Giuliani is not an unqualified pick for this position, just a cynical 

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