Cable's New Brilliant Idea: Charging You More Money To Skip Ads

We've noted for years how cable executives facing market (r)evolution just 
can't stop making bone-headed decisions. As cord cutting accelerates and 
ratings take a dive, many cable and broadcast executives have decided the 
solution is to stuff more ads than ever into every viewing hour, in some 
instances actually editing down or speeding up programs so the additional ad 
load will fit. That's of course when they're not busy trying to prevent users 
from using modern technologies like DVR ad skipping, relentlessly raising cable 
rates and perpetuating some of the worst customer service in America.

Quite often, cable executives try to obscure the sector's dysfunction by 
pretending to be innovative, and hoping nobody can tell the difference. The 
latest case in point: FX Networks has struck a new deal with Comcast that lets 
viewers avoid ads on some FX programs -- if they're willing to pay another $6 
per month:

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