Mike Godwin's First Essay On Encryption And The Constitution

Mike Godwin (you know who he is) was recently going through some of his earlier 
writings, and came across an essay (really an outline) he had written to the 
Cypherpunks email list 25 years ago, in April of 1993 concerning the Clipper 
Chip and early battles on encryption and civil liberties. If you don't recall, 
the Clipper Chip was an early attempt by the Clinton administration to 
establish a form of backdoored encryption, using a key escrow system. What 
became quite clear in reading through this 25-year-old email is just how little 
has changed in the past 25 years. As we are in the midst of a new crypto war, 
Godwin has suggested republishing this essay from so long ago to take a look 
back at what was said back then and compare it to today.

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