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> Using Fake Facts to Make Us Afraid
> On immigration and terrorism, the Trump administration misleads about its own 
> misleading data
> March 12, 2018 Arnold Isaacs
> http://warisboring.com/using-fake-facts-to-make-us-afraid/ 
> <http://warisboring.com/using-fake-facts-to-make-us-afraid/>
> When you see an immigrant or a foreign visitor, especially from a Muslim 
> country, should your first thought be that you might be looking at a possible 
> terrorist?
> Clearly, that’s how the Trump administration wants Americans to react. It was 
> the message in the president’s first address to Congress a year ago last week 
> when he declared that “the vast majority of individuals convicted of 
> terrorism and terrorism-related offenses since 9/11 came here from outside of 
> our country.” At that time, he urged that the U.S. immigration system be 
> reshaped because “we cannot allow a beachhead of terrorism to form inside 
> America.”
> There’s a misleading omission in Donald Trump’s formulation, though. 
> Homegrown fanatics have killed many more Americans on U.S. soil than 
> foreign-born terrorists have. The disparity grows much wider if you include 
> mass killings carried out not for any religious or ideological cause but — as 
> we have recently been tragically reminded — by mentally troubled individuals. 
> Indeed, in just two such shootings in the last five months in Las Vegas, 
> Nevada and Parkland, Florida, deranged shooters with assault rifles killed 
> more than three times as many people as all foreign-born jihadists have 
> killed in this country in the last 16 years.
> Another key fact is missing, too. Only a fairly small number of those 
> “terror-related” convictions were for acts committed or planned in the United 
> States. Many more involved support, in various forms, for terrorist activity 
> in other countries.
> Still, Trump and his associates have repeatedly declared that terrorists 
> sneaking into the country through a too-lax immigration system are a pressing 
> threat to public safety in the United States. That was, for instance, the 
> administration’s principal headline in January 2018 when it released a report 
> from the Justice and Homeland Security departments, which claimed that nearly 
> three out of every four individuals convicted in international terror cases 
> in U.S. federal courts from 9/11 through 2016 were foreign born — a total of 
> 402, by their count.

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