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> Date:         Mon, 16 Apr 2018 12:29:17 -0400
> From:         Joan Donovan <j...@datasociety.net>
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> Hello,
> Please forward to your departments, networks, and friends, 
> I’m happy to let you know that D&S is hiring for a cluster of roles to 
> support our Media Manipulation 
> <https://datasociety.net/research/media-manipulation/>
>  research initiative, which examines how different groups use the 
> participatory culture of the internet to turn the strengths of a free society 
> into vulnerabilities, ultimately threatening expressive freedoms and civil 
> rights. We would love your help getting the word out & would deeply 
> appreciate pointers to individuals you think might be a good fit!
> These roles are scoped to support a three-year research plan built around two 
> major projects running concurrently: First, the Global Media Manipulation 
> Casebook, which will capture numerous case studies and tracks attacks against 
> socio-technical systems. This project will form the basis of a new method and 
> theory for the emerging field of disinformation studies. Second, the Civil 
> Society Intelligence Unit will conduct research to inform organizations and 
> corporations of ongoing media manipulation efforts.
>  In order to advance this work, it’s essential to expand the team, both in 
> terms of numbers of people and skill sets (click through for individual job 
> listings):
>                 • The Researcher/Ethnographer 
> <https://datasociety.net/blog/2018/03/30/now-hiring-researcher/>
>  will conduct a year-long ethnographic research project, located in a field 
> site, that addresses media manipulation.
>                 • The Researcher, Global Media Manipulation Casebook 
> <https://datasociety.net/blog/2018/03/30/now-hiring-researcher-global-media-manipulation-casebook/>
>  will manage a project entitled the “Global Media Manipulation Casebook,” a 
> research platform that historicizes the tools, tactics, and techniques of 
> groups who seek to game sociotechnical systems for profit, politics, or fun.
>                 • The Researcher, Civil Society Intelligence Unit 
> <https://datasociety.net/blog/2018/03/30/now-hiring-researcher-2/>
>  will manage and facilitate rapid response to disinformation campaigns.
>                 • The Engagement Lead 
> <https://datasociety.net/blog/2018/03/30/now-hiring-engagement-lead/>
>  will spearhead outreach and engagement efforts for MMI, and will be a 
> crucial part of D&S’s efforts to provide news organizations, civil society, 
> platforms, and policymakers with insights into new forms of media 
> manipulation.
>                 • The Data Engineer 
> <https://datasociety.net/blog/2018/03/30/now-hiring-data-engineer/>
>  will act as a data steward for the team, collecting, organizing, and making 
> useful data sets from various platforms that we use every day to conduct our 
> research.
>                 • Finally, the Research Initiative Manager 
> <https://datasociety.net/blog/2018/03/30/now-hiring-research-initiative-manager/>
>  will be a strong administrative lead for the team, managing day-to-day 
> operations, schedules, and budgets, and generally ensuring smooth sailing for 
> the complex set of activities we are undertaking.
> We feel that with this set of projects and new additions to the team–on top 
> of the incredibly strong foundation we already have in place–we will be 
> well-positioned to both do groundbreaking research in this field, and ensure 
> that it has visibility and influence in key communities.
> Joan Donovan, PhD
> Data & Society
> Media Manipulation Research Lead
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