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Grokster in file share scare

By Nick Farrell: Monday 02 January 2006, 15:36

IN A BIT OF a daft anti-piracy stunt, the former file sharing outfit
Grokster has been posting visitors IP addresses on its homepage.

Visitors to grokster.com are shown a snap shot of their IP address and are
warned that the address has been recorded and their visit to the site was
not anonymous. The move is no doubt to prove to the music and movie
business, in which Grokster hopes to become a mover and a shaker, that the
outfit is serious about piracy.

The downside is that it is being treated with hoots of laughter from the
file sharing community. Those who know what their IP address looks like will
not be spooked that Grokster has a server that can read it. They know that
servers all know their IP address, it's part of that whole Internet thing.

Those who might be scared about their IP address being Œrecorded¹ will
probably think it is something to do with the microwave and nothing to do
with piracy. Already on some bulletin boards file sharers are having fun
logging in famous IP addresses such as Google at the site so that they can
be recorded and ruthlessly hunted down by the music industry lawyers.

The only problem is that we can¹t see any sending code in Grokster¹s page so
chances are that nothing is being recorded by anyone.

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