The big Google distinction between how they will offer their pay downloads
vs. the other guys is that Google is going to actually let you download your
paid download files on to your computer and then allow you total control
over the file. Want to copy it to your laptop? No problem. To your portable
device? Hey, it's your file, you paid for it, why not. Of course you can't
just allow people free and easy access with no controls or the content
providers would not license their content. How then does Google secure their
paid downloads, by using a log on authentication system. Basically you will
download the new Google proprietary media player with secret and proprietary
codecs and it will play all of your video for you. Basically when you want
to view your content anywhere, any device, any time, you'll just
authenticate with your user ID and password and be able to play your
previously downloaded free and purchased video.

Google will of course monitor log ons and passwords for abuse (i.e. you give
you your Google video files to 100 of your friends along with your user name
and password. This does seem like a nicer approach to the necessary evil of
DRM. The only thing that I'm not crazy about is that the files will be in
gvi format which is Google proprietary and I'd assume after building up a
nice library there could be a chance that they change the rules on you, but
nahhhh a non-evil company would never do that. Would they?

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