FBI publishes 2005 computer crime survey
Kelly Martin 2006-01-18

The FBI has published their 2005 computer crime survey, with responses from
over 2,000 public and private organizations located across four U.S. states.

The survey, published today and freely available as a PDF, provides some
startling statistics on the state of computer security attacks and defense
technologies used by all sizes of organizations.

Among the findings, nearly nine out of ten organizations experienced
security incidents in the past year. Over 64% of respondents incurred a
financial loss as a result of computer crime - yet only 9% reported these
incidents to law enforcement. The United States and China top of the list as
by far the worst offenders, together accounting as the source of more than
half of all external intrusion attempts. However, not surprisingly the
survey also reports that 44% of all reported intrusions were sourced as
internal to the organization affected.

The official FBI Computer Crime Survey, which differs from the annual
CSI/FBI Computer Crime and Security Survey, is being covered by a wide range
of news sources and industries and can surely be used by organizations large
and small to justify additional investments in security personnel, training
and technologies for 2006.

Survey -- http://www.fbi.gov/publications/ccs2005.pdf

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