Following [1] I'd like to propose to remove rpm building from the
'check-merged.sh' script from ovirt-engine (master for now).

The job [2] takes on avg 15 min while actually the rpms are built already
in check-patch
(with gwt draft mode if needed) and runs exactly the same build rpm command
as check-patch [3].

So there isn't real value in running exactly the same rpm build post merge,
and we already build full permutation mode in 'build-artifacts.sh'.

Any reason to keep it?
We can cut down valuable time in CI if we drop it and vacant more time for
more meaningful tests.

[1] https://ovirt-jira.atlassian.net/browse/OVIRT-416
rpmbuild \
    -D "_rpmdir $PWD/output" \
    -D "_topmdir $PWD/rpmbuild" \
    -D "release_suffix ${SUFFIX}" \
    -D "ovirt_build_ut $BUILD_UT" \
    -D "ovirt_build_extra_flags $EXTRA_BUILD_FLAGS" \
    -D "ovirt_build_draft 1" \
    --rebuild output/*.src.rpm

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