Hello All.

If you use repoman please be aware that it currently has hardcoded list of
packages that defaults to being distroless. This is controlled by
"to_all_distros" configuration setting, but if you do not set it than the
defaults are used.

For ovirt experimental we decided that we better have all packages to have
distro specified in spec. This also inline with most distro packaging
guidelines. But then with current defaults repoman will consider those
package to be distroless even when they are not and specifying an empty
list in configuration is a silly way to override this.

This change provides an incompatibility, but you can still use this feature
by specifying to_all_distros package list explicitly in the config. So it
is just the change of default values at this point:


If somebody is not ok with defaults change and need time to update
configuration please let me know. Also if you are not sure we can go
another way and have intermediate repoman version that does not do the
change, but issue deprecation warning if defaults are being used, so
everybody can test their setups. However I think that it is might not be
actually needed in this case as it is a configuration thing.

Please feel free to comment on change request.


Anton Marchukov
Senior Software Engineer - RHEV CI - Red Hat
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