Build Number: 227
Build Status:  Still Failing
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Changes Since Last Success:
Changes for Build #224
[Evgheni Dereveanchin] OVIRT-645 remove repoproxy for CentOS 7 x86_64

[Eyal Edri] move basic suite to run only nightly

Changes for Build #225
No changes

Changes for Build #226
[Gil Shinar] Build of SDK V3 will be published for 4.1

[Marcin Mirecki] Project file for ovirt-provider-ovn

Changes for Build #227
[Sandro Bonazzola] ovirt-release: add 4.1 branch

[Ryan Barry] projects: add appliance builders for 4.1

[Ryan Barry] projects: add 4.1 builder for imgbased

[Ryan Barry] projects: add ovirt-node-ng builders for 4.1

Failed Tests:
No tests ran. 

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