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Changes Since Last Success:
Changes for Build #190
[Yaniv Kaul] Move add_vm1_from_template test to APIv4

[Dafna Ron] ovirt-host-deploy - dropping fc24

[Sandro Bonazzola] ovirt-host-deploy: re-align

[Dafna Ron] ovirt-engine-wildfly - dropping fc24

[Sandro Bonazzola] ovirt-engine-wildfly: re-align

[Evgheni Dereveanchin] Update mirror snapshot for FC27 to fix gdbm

[Dafna Ron] ovirt-engine-wildfly-overlay - dropping fc24

[Sandro Bonazzola] ovirt-engine-wildfly-overlay: re-align

[Gal Ben Haim] kubevirt-ansible: Update org

[Sandro Bonazzola] ovirt-setup-lib: branched for 4.3 development

[Sandro Bonazzola] ovirt-guest-agent: re-align

[Nir Soffer] ioprocess: Add project for 4.2

[Martin Sivak] Cleanup and prepare SLA packages for 4.2

[Dafna Ron] ovirt-engine-nodejs - dropping fc24

[Sandro Bonazzola] ovirt-engine-nodejs: re-align

[Dafna Ron] ovirt-image-uploader - dropping fc24

[Sandro Bonazzola] ovirt-image-uploader: re-align

[Yuval Turgeman] ovirt-appliance: set node-filter to el7

[Barak Korren] Fix CQ exceptions on removed jobs

[Barak Korren] Make change-queue-tester not wait for deployment

[Barak Korren] Limit projects that standard-enqueue triggers on

[Daniel Belenky] dsl: Fixed a bug in pipeline dict formatter

[Dafna Ron] ovirt-engine-nodejs-modules - dropping fc24

[Sandro Bonazzola] ovirt-engine-nodejs-modules: re-align

[Yedidyah Bar David] Add 4.2 jobs for ovirt-engine

[Dafna Ron] ovirt-engine-extension-logger-log4j - dropping fc24

[Dafna Ron] ovirt-engine-yarn - dropping fc24

[Sandro Bonazzola] ovirt-engine-extension-logger-log4j: re-align

[Sandro Bonazzola] ovirt-engine-yarn: re-align

[Dafna Ron] ovirt-vmconsole - dropping fc24

[Sandro Bonazzola] ovirt-vmconsole: re-align

Changes for Build #191
[Yaniv Kaul] Move add_vm1_from_template test to APIv4

[Dafna Ron] ovirt-engine - dropping fc24

[Sandro Bonazzola] ovirt-engine: re-align

[Dafna Ron] ovirt-engine-extension-aaa-misc - dropping fc24

[Sandro Bonazzola] ovirt-engine-extension-aaa-misc: re-align

[Dafna Ron] vdsm-jsonrpc-java - dropping fc24

[Sandro Bonazzola] vdsm-jsonrpc-java: re-align

Changes for Build #192
[Yaniv Kaul] Move add_vm1_from_template test to APIv4

[Sandro Bonazzola] ovirt-engine-extensions-api: re-align

[Sandro Bonazzola] ovirt-js-dependencies: re-align

[Sandro Bonazzola] ovirt-vmconsole: drop non stdci jobs

[Dafna Ron] ovirt-host - dropping fc24

[Sandro Bonazzola] ovirt-host: re-align

[Dafna Ron] cockpit-ovirt - dropping fc24

[Sandro Bonazzola] cockpit-ovirt: re-align

[Sandro Bonazzola] ovirt-engine-extensions-api: drop jobs

[Dafna Ron] ovirt-engine-phantomjs - dropping fc24

[Sandro Bonazzola] ovirt-engine-phantomjs: re-align

[Dafna Ron] Mom - dropping fc24

[Sandro Bonazzola] mom: re-align

[Dafna Ron] ovirt-dwh - dropping fc24

[Dafna Ron] ovirt-engine-dashboard - dropping fc24

[Dafna Ron] vdsm - dropping fc24

[Dafna Ron] ovirt-engine-extension-aaa-jdbc - dropping fc24

[Dafna Ron] ovirt-engine-cli - dropping fc24

[Dafna Ron] ovirt-engine-sdk-java - dropping fc24

[Dafna Ron] ovirt-engine-sdk - dropping fc24

[Dafna Ron] ovirt-engine-metrics - dropping fc24

[Dafna Ron] ovirt-engine-extension-aaa-ldap - dropping fc24

[Sandro Bonazzola] ovirt-engine-cli: re-align

[Dafna Ron] ovirt-wgt - dropping fc24

[Dafna Ron] ovirt-hosted-engine-ha - dropping fc24

[Sandro Bonazzola] cockpit-ovirt: add on-demand jobs

[Dafna Ron] ovirt-log-collector - dropping fc24

[Dafna Ron] ovirt-optimizer - dropping fc24

[Dafna Ron] ovirt-jboss-modules-maven-plugin - dropping fc24

[Dafna Ron] ovirt-scheduler-proxy - dropping fc24

[Sandro Bonazzola] ovirt-engine-extension-aaa-jdbc: re-align

[Sandro Bonazzola] ovirt-scheduler-proxy: re-align

[Sandro Bonazzola] ovirt-optimizer: re-align

[Dafna Ron] ovirt-provider-ovn: Dropping fc24

[Dafna Ron] repoman_build-artifacts: removed fc24

[Dafna Ron] ovirt-imageio: removig fc24

[Dafna Ron] ovirt-engine-sdk-java_create-rpms: remove fc24

[Dafna Ron] ioprocess: removing fc24

[Dafna Ron] ovirt-engine-sdk-ruby_standard: removing fc24

[Sandro Bonazzola] ovirt-engine-dashboard: re-align

Changes for Build #193
[Yaniv Kaul] Move add_vm1_from_template test to APIv4

Changes for Build #194
[Gal Ben Haim] docs: Reference lago-ovirt installation

[Daniel Belenky] Fixed a bug in nested config parser

[Daniel Belenky] dsl: Don't fail if stdci config was not found

[Daniel Belenky] Removed {gerrit-subpath} from standard-pipelines

[Daniel Belenky] dsl: Resolve symlinks for scripts/configurations

[Daniel Belenky] dsl: Search for different ci configurations

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