Yedidyah Bar David created OVIRT-1895:

             Summary: CI votes not forwarded on commit message change
                 Key: OVIRT-1895
             Project: oVirt - virtualization made easy
          Issue Type: By-EMAIL
            Reporter: Yedidyah Bar David
            Assignee: infra

Hi all,

If a change goes through this flow:
1. Push an update N
2. CI triggers check-patch for N
3. Push another update N+1 that changes only commit message
4. CI marks +1 N

Then we have logic to not trigger CI for N+1 (with the assumption that
a change to commit message should not affect the result), but also do
not mark +1 N+1, leaving the patch unmarked.

We should either forward the +1, when giving it, to all consecutive
future patchsets that only changed the commit message, or give up on
the optimization and always trigger CI.

As an example, see:

Best regards,

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