Build Number: 107
Build Status:  Fixed
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Changes Since Last Success:
Changes for Build #105
[Gal Ben Haim] master: Update reposync-config

[Daniel Belenky] std enqueue: Add env.GERRIT_TRIGGER_CI_VOTE_LABEL

[Daniel Belenky] cleanup: Fix race when unmounting dirs in chroot

[Daniel Belenky] Add a tool to check if a change is merged

[Sandro Bonazzola] ovirt-provider-ovn: drop manual jobs

[Dafna Ron] jenkins: adding to the alert list

[Barak Korren] Run `` on non-Gerrit events

[Daniel Belenky] Utilize stdci_dsl api in standard-stage

Changes for Build #106
[Eyal Edri] 4.2: replace python-ioprocess with python2-ioprocess

[Daniel Belenky] Add production pipeline jobs for Jenkins project

[Daniel Belenky] Add data normalizer param to nested config

[Eyal Edri] remove vdsm 3.6 build-artifacts

[Barak Korren] Fix '.git' bug in ``

[Barak Korren] Make OST timed jobs congifure Git user and Email

Changes for Build #107
[Your Name] networking: Introducing mac pools and overlap range usage tests

[Barak Korren] Install/Update mock from

[Sandro Bonazzola] ovirt-image-uploader: drop master jobs

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