Build Number: 41
Build Status:  Fixed
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Changes Since Last Success:
Changes for Build #40
[Daniel Belenky] Workaround for a race in gerrit-trigger plugin

[Sandro Bonazzola] repoman: re-align

[Sandro Bonazzola] infra-ansible: re-align

[Barak Korren] Change the from address in CQ messages

[Sandro Bonazzola] build: drop fc25 builds

Changes for Build #41
[Daniel Belenky] Use rpm query to verify package installation

[Daniel Belenky] Parametrize projects clone dir name

[Daniel Belenky] Move infra projects to STDCI-V2

[Evgheni Dereveanchin] Remove create-rpms template using copy-to-slave

[Ryan Barry] Test building with ansible25

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