Build Number: 152
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Changes Since Last Success:
Changes for Build #151
[Miguel Duarte Barroso] Adding myself to the list

[Evgheni Dereveanchin] Ensure nested KVM is enabled from global_setup

[Daniel Belenky] Update legend table of manual OST

[Emil Natan] refactor formatters code

[Barak Korren] Add jobs for 'jniederm' user on GitHub

[Gal Ben Haim] lago: Add fc28 build, drop fc26 build

[Sandro Bonazzola] ovirt-host: add fc28 on master

[Evgheni Dereveanchin] Verify IPv6 router advertisement settings from 

[Daniel Belenky] Inject git config name and email in std template

[Eyal Edri] drop all 4.1 nightly ost jobs

[Daniel Belenky] Remove aspostrophes from git-config params

[Eyal Edri] Drop obselete gluster 3.7,3.8 repos from mirrors

[Yuval Turgeman] Resolve network issues in kickstart

Changes for Build #152
[Emil Natan] Collect STDCI logging functions into a separate module

[Greg Sheremeta] add projects to stdci v2

[Emil Natan] Fix a bug with missing imports in

[Daniel Belenky] Allow requirement of project specific nodes

[Barak Korren] Fix Git user for 'jenkins' repo V1 jobs

[Martin Perina] wildfly: wildfly-overlay: Add FC28 builds

[Martin Perina] engine-extensions: Add FC28 builds

[Barak Korren] Don't run on merge

[Yuval Turgeman] Resolve network issues in kickstart

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