Barak Korren created OVIRT-2192:

             Summary: remove separate initialization function from
                 Key: OVIRT-2192
             Project: oVirt - virtualization made easy
          Issue Type: Improvement
          Components: mock_runner
            Reporter: Barak Korren
            Assignee: infra

Mock runner includes a function that runs mock to initialize the mock 
environment before it actually gets used.

Theoretically the initialization could have been done in the same {{mock}} 
invocation that makes use of it. It seems the reason for the separate 
initialization was that it could be done without including bind mount 
configuration, because there was a need to pre-create the mount points inside 
the chroot before bind mounts could be done.

Since mock 1.4.10, it can now create the mount points for bind mounts on its 
own, a separate hase for creating mount points is no longer needed and 
OVIRT-2191 tracks the work to remove it.

It seems that once the mount point creation phase is removed, the separate 
initialization could be removed as well. Preliminary testing showed that this 
may be more tricky then anticipated though, as the way 'chroothome' mock 
configuration option is configured by mock_runner causes issues for mock when 
bootstrap chroots are used (The reason this is not causing issue for the 
separate initialization is that this option only gets configured along with the 
bind mount options only when mock is invoked to do actual work).

To remove the separate initialization phase and reduce the amount of times mock 
is called from 3 to 2, we need to work around the issue above by either 
submitting a patch to mock itself or finding a work-around that could be used 
from {{}}.

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