Good Morning Everyone,

I just cut a new pkgdb2 release: 2.5.

Here is the corresponding changelog:
* Mon Sep 19 2016 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 2.5-1
- Update to 2.5
- Fix the pkgdb-sync-bugzilla so that it converts pkgdb collection to BZ product
  in the right place
- Add the possibility to run pkgdb under Vagrant (Ryan Lerch)
- Specify rel="noopener noreferrer" to link including target='_blank'
- Fix pkgdb2.api.extras to be more robust when extracting the summary of a bug
- Make all the database table lower case to be more postgresql friendly
- Add the date of the request when listing the pending ACLs requests
- Fix the runserver script when running it with --profiler

This is happily running in stg and prod.

Happy packaging!

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