Attendees: Xavier Lamien, Patrick Uiterwijk, Pierre-Yves Chibon, Paul
Agenda: Determine what remains to be done on FAS3 to get a new
   instance for testing followed by production deployment
* * *
* Features needing forward-porting:
    -> Basset
    -> IPA Sync
    -> python-fedora

* Token support required for Hubs support
  * How to integrate with Ipsilon? - From FAS3 side, need a way to request 
token from Ipsilon and get it back into FAS3
  * Cross-app authentication
    -> hubs to FAS, fedocal, pkgdb, bodhi...

* Flock dead-line was F25-beta freeze (which we're past)
* At Flock, FAS2 issue --> dropped FAS3 data until we can get security audit of 
* Also need update to db-migration script -- new license agreement function
  * Convert this away from mechanism we used in FAS2
  * This gives us a way to know which agreement(s) users agreed to, and/or 
prompt them accordingly
  * AGREED: Convert current FPCA agreement into FAS3

* Build clean Ansible playbook for FAS3 with a true role, but perhaps do this 
as a (or other repo e.g. Pagure)
* Is there a method for getting client certificates in FAS3? Yes. Go to 
settings page for this. The certificate is no longer tied to the whole app, but 
rather per-group.
  * So for Koji this would be tied to @packager group.
  * Further, you can also optionally require SSH key for a group

PROPOSED: Merge FAS3.0 to development branch when we switch over, since we 
still have FAS2 elsewhere
supybot-fedora also has a fas3 branch which should be ready

Timezone handling... AGREED: keep things postgresql-only, storing TZ for the 
moment. We will add an issue to backlog to handle this down the road to make 
FAS3 more db-agnostic

        * Security audit (already started, using latest git code) --> ETA 
unknown, will have it soon
        * Meet to discuss FAS internals --> ETA: 2016-Oct-20, 0800 UTC (10:00 
        * Update db-migration script for CLA handling --> ETA: 2016-Oct-25
        * Integration with Ipsilon --> ETA: 2016-Nov-01
        * FAS3 in staging --> ETA: 2016-Nov-01
        * Update python-fedora --> ETA: 2016-Nov-08?
                * and deprecate functions where needed
                * Port all the apps using it (but that's for later)
                * Make this a major version update
        * Target for production: 2016-Dec-01?
                * If we don't make this, slip to early January

LATER (for separate followup, not FAS3 blocking)
        * Updating all flask based apps
                * kill off flask-fas-openid? <-- happy Patrick  -- will break 
most of our flask app :(
                        * Patrick: would like to make it just use flask-openid 
transparently without anyone noticing :-)
                        * ouch, we will need to line up changes here then -> 
plan for later?1
                        * agreed, I moved this to its own task since it's not 
(IIUC) strictly required for FAS3 to be deployed

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