I'm a systems administrator for my day job.  I'm currently working on using 
ansible to automate machine provisioning and management in a vmware virtualized 
environment.  The linux machines are mostly CentOS 6 with some CentOS 7 and a 
couple RHEL 6 boxes.  These are in a predominantly windows environment, with 
Microsoft Active Directory domains.  (In a previous job, I worked with chef in 
a debian environment.)

I'm hoping to help out any way I can and "learn by doing."  I'm specifically 
looking to do tasks with ansible and to learn best practices.  I have not been 
active with Fedora for several years, but in the past, I've helped with the 
wiki, submitted lots of bodhi feedback, and helped with testing releases.  
Outside of Fedora, I've contributed an implementation of the sieve imap4flags 
extension to the cyrus imapd project.  This was mostly done in C, but also 
included a bit of yacc/bison... I'm competent at programming but haven't done 
much of it as a day job.  I expect I will end up learning python as it's 
becoming ubiquitous.

IRC Handle: cyberpear

I look forward to helping and learning!  I've also just joined the 
fi-apprentice group and am looking around.

James Cassell
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