On 08/06/2017 01:10 AM, James Cassell wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm a systems administrator for my day job.  I'm currently working on using 
> ansible to automate machine provisioning and management in a vmware 
> virtualized environment.  The linux machines are mostly CentOS 6 with some 
> CentOS 7 and a couple RHEL 6 boxes.  These are in a predominantly windows 
> environment, with Microsoft Active Directory domains.  (In a previous job, I 
> worked with chef in a debian environment.)
> I'm hoping to help out any way I can and "learn by doing."  I'm specifically 
> looking to do tasks with ansible and to learn best practices.  I have not 
> been active with Fedora for several years, but in the past, I've helped with 
> the wiki, submitted lots of bodhi feedback, and helped with testing releases. 
>  Outside of Fedora, I've contributed an implementation of the sieve 
> imap4flags extension to the cyrus imapd project.  This was mostly done in C, 
> but also included a bit of yacc/bison... I'm competent at programming but 
> haven't done much of it as a day job.  I expect I will end up learning python 
> as it's becoming ubiquitous.
> IRC Handle: cyberpear
> I look forward to helping and learning!  I've also just joined the 
> fi-apprentice group and am looking around.

Good to meet you cyberpear! Hope to see you around :)
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