Hello everyone!

I'm currently a service desk specialist, typical level 1 or 2 phone support
job but I also do server monitoring few days a month. Mainly monitoring
Windows servers but there are some RHEL and UNIX machines as well. Really
some basic stuff, restarting servers and services, making sure nothing runs
out of free space, investigating why some process is eating up all the RAM
or CPU and stuff like that. I started out with Linux with Fedora 14 some
years ago at school, gave up Linux for gaming and came back when F20 was
released and have used it ever since for everything else but gaming.

I've been doing some translations for Fedora in the Finnish group and now
I'm trying to give more back to the community and help any way I can. I'm
looking forward to learn much, much more about Linux (maybe something about
security too, Linux and security are the two things I'm most interested in)
and hopefully get a job as a Linux SysAdmin in the future. I believe being
a part of Fedora community and seeing the real life tickets is way more
valuable than just spinning up a few VMs and practicing on my own. I will
have to do a lot of studying and asking "stupid" questions around before I
can actually contribute but I will do my best.

IRC handle and FAS: bombandealer

Best regards
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