- IRC Handle: netcronin
   - Github: netcronin
   - Email: pmk62...@gmail.com
      - What skills you have to offer and which you would like to learn.
         - Beginner Ansible and Chef skills, beginner Perl and Bash
         - Beginner experience in Linux Administration - experience setting
         up various services: HTTP(S), FTP, SFTP, GlusterFS replication, Zabbix
         monitoring, Chef cookbooks, Ansible playbooks, General Server
         Administration (Fail2Ban, SELinux, iptables, FirewallD, etc.)
         - Worked specifically with moving open-source technology stacks to
         Docker containers.
         - Studying for RHCSA
         - Interested in automation, general Linux administration
         - Run a small homelab for testing (automated via Ansible, of
         - Network knowledge
         - Work for Cerner Corporation in Kansas City, MO as a System
         - Central Timezone
         - Also plan to join the Fedora Ambassadors program
         - Interested in teaching and mentoring new users/infra members
         eventually, once I've earned it.
      - What you want to learn
      - Anything the team needs help with, especially Linux admin work and
      best practices surrounding it.
      - Interested in Fedora Infrastructure Apprentice program. Both
      joining and helping out with.
   - Any initial questions you have for the team
      - Nothing specific. Lurking in IRC and have read the last few meeting
      minutes, as well as looking over the architecture topology. Bear
with me as
      I may ask some dumb qu

Patrick Kuny
C: 816.507.5495
[image: https://www.linkedin.com/in/patrick-kuny-3855964b]
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