Good Morning Everyone,

I just cut a new pagure release: 3.5

Here is its changelog:
* Tue Aug 08 2017 Pierre-Yves Chibon <> - 3.5-1
- Update to 3.5
- Fix login when groups are managed outside
- Fix the ordering of the issues by priority using JS and its documentation
- Indicate the issue/PR status in the title of its link
- Correct typo in waiting page template: 'You task' -> 'Your task' (Hazel Smith)
- Fix redirect in search (Carl George)
- Fix removing users of a project
- Allow customizing the HTML title globally
- Drop the new line character and the '# end of body' message when loading the
- Scroll to the comment section on clicking reply. (shivani)
- only show issues on the My Issue page if the issue tracker is on for the
  project (Vivek Anand)
- Update the refresh-gitolite action of pagure-admin for the new interface
  (turns out this wasn't in fact merged in 3.4)
- Add a configuration key to make pagure case sensitive
- Add an USER_ACLS configuration key
- Document the different API token ACLs configuration keys
- Fix syncing groups from external account sources (Patrick Uiterwijk)

Most changes being related to dist-git, I upgrade as well as

I have adjusted pkgs01.stg (which seems to be down for the moment) to benefit
from the new features so we can test them there before updating prod.

Happy hacking!


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