Hello world! :-)

A quick intro following the checklist on the wiki:

  - My IRC handle: vbird.

  - Skills I have: Linux sysadmin for roughly 15 years (including 13+
in a professional capacity); PHP developer in my early years; system
scripting (mostly bash and Perl); VoIP / SIP with Asterisk (at a time
it still looked like a revolution!); virtualisation (but mostly
proprietary products); dozens of irrelevant technos that--if
mentioned--would probably make some of us suddenly feel older; Indian
food cooking (says my wife...)

  - Skills I'd like to learn (or improve): Python (a bit rusty), Ruby,
Ansible, Docker & OpenShift, KVM, OpenStack, anything else that could
be fun playing with.

  - Associations I have: not a lot anymore (I was more active when I
was younger). Self-employed with customers mostly in the financial

  - Location & timezone: Luxembourg, CET/UTC+1 (or CEST/UTC+2 in the summer.)

  - What to work on: first things first, joining the fi-apprentice
group to have a look at how things work here.


Yoann E. A. Le Bihan
[[ www.Yoann.info ]]
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