> I think this could work ok, but you might run into problems with updates
> if the versions shift around... but I guess as long as you re
> 'shrinkwrap' on updates it should work.

That's the plan, re-run shrinkwrap after each change.

> We don't have any way to track
> security issues for all the frozen set do we?

Not that I know of but I'll do some research.

> How often do you see us updating that set? everytime the hubs rpm updates?
> Or just when we want
> to try and roll up to latest?

Only when we add or update javascript dependencies, so I'd say on JS
security issues and on new features. I think that it'll be pretty rare
compared to RPM updates.

> I don't think so off hand. Looks like pingou is listed as the sponsor so
> when things are ready he would be the one to tell you are a go for a
> staging instance(s) and all the other next steps (sops, playbooks,
> nagios monitoring, etc).

Cool! Thanks.

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