On Mon, 2018-02-12 at 23:53 +0200, Jonathan Dieter wrote:
> <tl;dr>
> I've come up with a method of splitting repodata into chunks that can
> be downloaded and combined with chunks that are already on the local
> system to create a byte-for-byte copy of the compressed repodata. 
> Tools and scripts are at:
> https://www.jdieter.net/downloads/
> </tl;dr>

I've realized that with this, I didn't really give a proposal as to
what comes next.

 * Create a new (Systemwide?) Feature for Fedora 29 called Delta
 * Finalize the zchunk file format (and name)
 * Write a C and python library to generate, read and download zchunk
   files, and package it into Fedora
 * Add a flag to createrepo_c (and, if we're still using it,
   createrepo) to generate zchunk repodata
 * Modify DNF so it can download and read zchunk repodata

I don't mind being the person to drive this change, but before I start
coding, I'd like some feedback on whether or not this is the direction
we want to go in and I'd love any suggestions on how to improve it.

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