Pungi 4.1.22 moved from py2 to py3 but is needed for modular update composes, 
so can I get +1s to update pungi and move the deps over to their py3 versions?
These deps are not deps of the main package because they're only needed when 
running module updates.

I think the biggest chance of issues would be the pungi upgrade, but we'll need 
to do that anyway, and is easy to revert.


diff --git a/roles/bodhi2/backend/tasks/main.yml 
index b9cd9673d..ff87331e8 100644
--- a/roles/bodhi2/backend/tasks/main.yml
+++ b/roles/bodhi2/backend/tasks/main.yml
@@ -28,8 +28,8 @@
   - pungi
   - pungi-utils
   - python2-koji-cli-plugins
-  - python2-pdc-client
-  - python2-modulemd
+  - python3-pdc-client
+  - python3-modulemd
   - packages
   - bodhi
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