For a long while we were plagued by a issue where our
buildvm-armv7-01/02/03 vm's would get 'stuck' on nightly rawhide and
branched composes.

Laura found a workaround for this issue where we set a obscure sysctl
and then they don't hang anymore. However, it would be nice if they
wouldn't hang in cases like this for everyone else out of the box, so
upstream kernel developers would like us to do some more debugging of
the issue and send them that to try and get the default case working right.

So, what I would like to do:

* Take buildvm-armv7-03 and install on it and
reboot it into that kernel.

* Disable the sysctl we set in ansible for it:

diff --git a/roles/koji_builder/tasks/main.yml
index 6b6ecf0..75c427c 100644
--- a/roles/koji_builder/tasks/main.yml
+++ b/roles/koji_builder/tasks/main.yml
@@ -276,4 +276,4 @@
   sysctl: name=vm.highmem_is_dirtyable value=1 state=present
sysctl_set=yes reload=yes
   - koji_builder
-  when: inventory_hostname.startswith(('buildvm-armv7-01.arm',
'buildvm-armv7-02', 'buildvm-armv7-03'))
+  when: inventory_hostname.startswith(('buildvm-armv7-01.arm',

* Wait for a compose to hang on it and gather the information needed,
then put everything back the way it was before.

Note that this causes no compose failures, just a delay as the compose
waits for that job to finish, and rebooting the box causes the job to
restart and complete fine on that box.

We could hold off and do this after freeze, but I have a feeling freeze
is going to be long and I'd prefer to get the info to upstream while
they are still interested in looking into it.

Thoughts? +1s? -1s? rotten fruit?


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