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> I think the URL was built based on e.g. the iso download URL for fedora 
> server 
> (https://download.fedoraproject.org/pub/fedora/linux/releases/27/Server/x86_64/iso/Fedora-Server-dvd-x86_64-27-1.6.iso
>  )

No, it was specifially setup so RHEL users had a static link to the
latest epel-release package for automated installs. You wouldn't know
what the version-release is unless you looked in the repo.
> Should we use dl instead of download in general ?

Nope. Use dl to just install that one epel-release package if you need
to enable epel on a rhel machine. Then you should use the default repo
settings, which use a metalink from our mirrors.fedoraproject.org.

This is vastly better than using a static url (even
download.fedoraproject.org), because:

* Metalinks not only contain a list of mirrors that have the thing you
are looking for, but also checksums of all the repodata.
* querying mirrors allows us to do things also like if you query from
AWS, we can point you at our AWS S3 storage that has a synced copy of
epel and avoid having to go outside to get things. Or if your company or
school has a epel mirror we can direct all users there to the local mirror.
> As I mentioned "outside" of AWS region the link is valid.

download.fedoraproject.org is a somewhat dumb redirect. It tries to
redirect you to a mirror, but it isn't sure that exact content is there.
In AWS it redirects you likely to our S3 storage... however, currently
we are only storing rpms in there, so we need to add this link or a copy
to the latest epel-release file before it will work there.

So, sorry to go on, but to summarize:

* For now, please use dl.fedoraproject.org for the epel-latest link.
Hopefully we will fix things soon so download.fedoraproject.org will
work too, but not sure when.
* Please use the default repo metalinks for all other
installs/updates/etc for epel repos.

Hope that helps,


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