Last Monday Ralph and I had our monthly meeting for Factory2/Infra sync up.

We went over the event that lead to disabling gating in bodhi last week
(see fesco ticket:
If this situation happens again we encourage a stronger reach out for help from
the folks involved (in this case Ralph or Dan Callaghan (dcallagh) who hangs on
#fedora-admin and was around while the discussion was happening), by stronger
we are putting down a phone call or a text as valid means.

We talked about PDC, as you may recall PDC is being decomissioned upstream
leaving us with no maintainer upstream. Since the team is currently quite busy
with other priorities we agreed to restart this discussion in early June with
all parties who expressed interest on the thread on this list.

Finally, Ralph explained the new workflow they put in place to deploy their
images in our openshift.
This is all documented in:
Folks are welcomed to take a look at it and comment with their thoughts on the
In short:images are built and hosted in quay, the latest tag is automatically
added if the image passes testing, openshift in staging is configured to pull
from the latest tag. Then a "prod" tag can be manually added to an images that
openshift will pull in prod.
@patrick: with your security officer hat, does this sound good to you ^?
If not, the Factory crew is willing to look at other options.

Hoping this is helpful,
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