Hi Everyone,

Upstream pypi is rolling out some new pypi infrastruture [0] and is
currently returning 503 Error reports for any jobs pulling python packages.
Since many of our CI jobs call lftools for log shipping this unfortunately
affects many of our jobs.

In some cases if the job only uses lftools for log shipping you will get an
"UNSTABLE" build at the end of your build. In this case the job may have
passed but failed to ship logs to the log server.

In other cases where the job requires python packages for the job itself it
will fail the job.

While we have a local cache on OpenDaylight's Nexus 3 server and many of
the packages we actively use are cached it seems that the Nexus 3 proxy is
just passing along the 503 error rather than pulling from local cache. We
are opening a ticket with Sonatype to see if there's something we can do


[0] https://status.python.org/
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