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Stylish ultra-slim LED round Panel Light for your reference, hope this products 
can be helpful to your business

1. LED panel is a kind of advanced indoor light, which inherits the 
characteristics of simplicity and classics of Europe style. It is gaining the 
favor of customers for its super thin profile and clear bright light effect. 
LED panel creates a strong sense of depth and space when applied in indoor 
places such as meeting room, VIP reception room, and hotel.

2. The frame is made of 6063 aluminum alloy with anodic oxidation treatment, 
which is very good in heat dissipation. Light source is 2835 LED, which can 
create a flat lighting effect when its light pass through the light guide plate.

3. LED panel is more energy saving and environment protecting with longer life 
than traditional light products. Its light is well-proportioned, soft, 
comfortable and bright.

If any interest, please feel free to contact us for more details

Look forward to your reply
Kroes / Sales Assistant
www (dot) ayanielight (dot) com    
Our Email address : sales @ ayanielight (dot) com         

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