On 26.03.2015 16:38, Dracut GitHub Import Bot wrote:
> Patchset imported to github.
> Pull request:
> <https://github.com/haraldh/dracut/compare/master...dracut-mailing-devs:1425455385-28495-1-git-send-email-jsyna...@redhat.com>
> N�����r��y���b�X��ǧv�^�)޺{.n�+����+kjg�{ay�ʇڙ�,j��f���h���z��w���
> ���j:+v���w�j�m��������zZ+�����ݢj"��!tml=

Ok, I will change my bot to not send with
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64

otherwise the majordomo signature is scrambled :)
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