I am just looking at nfs-lib.sh from the nfs module of dracut 040+1 and I
have two questions about it:

1. If no NFS-Server is defined on the kernel command line, dracut takes
the value from DHCP. In nfsroot_from_dhcp, first the value of
$new_dhcp_server_identifier is taken for $server, and only if this is
still empty, $new_next_server is taken for $server. Should it not be the
other way round?

2. As a last resort, ${new_root_path%%:*} is taken for $server. But has
this not been evaluated a few lines earlier, by calling nfsroot_to_var,
which already assigns a value to $server if ${new_root_path%%:*} contains
something useful? Or do I misunderstand these lines?


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