3.19.8 on CentOS 6.6 fails to boot because it cannot find root:

"No root device block:/dev/disk/by-uuid/..."

After looking into this more there are two issues:

a) scsi_wait_scan is not found, and no longer exists in the 3.xx kernels
b) the particular box that is failing has 20+ SSD SATA drives.

This appears to be an interaction between the updated kernel, and the
older 6.6 dracut scripts. Since this is a customer box, I need to be
able to mod the scripts or kernel boot line so that it boots but still
works if an older rev kernel is re-installed.

Any ideas appreciated, I'm somewhat new to dracut and friends. Also,
new kernel boots fine when number of SATA disks is <= 4 (based on
tests on similar hardware -- just fewer disks).

-thanks for any help in advance.
Dennis Vadura
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