On 15.06.2015 11:42, Harald Hoyer wrote:
> On 11.06.2015 11:06, poma wrote:
>> On 31.05.2015 20:08, Bruno Wolff III wrote:
>>>> And already we have fought for this user's side simplification, but it 
>>>> seems developers are very persistent when they do not need to be.
>>> In the past changes with this effect were reverted. This time they were 
>>> not. 
>>> This generally just affects people upgrading, as anaconda has been adding 
>>> the needed stuff on the kernel command line for a while now.
>>> You can also hostonly_cmdline=yes to the dracut config or set hostonly=no 
>>> if you are willing to have a larger initramfs file. The latter will also 
>>> help 
>>> if you switch out hardware.
>>> I am not sure why hostonly_cmdline=yes is not the default when 
>>> hostonly=yes. 
>>> That would seem to be a better default.
>> dracut.conf.d/fedora.conf.example
>> +hostonly_cmdline="no"
>> http://pkgs.fedoraproject.org/cgit/dracut.git/commit/0001-fedora.conf-do-not-store-cmdline-in-image-by-default.patch?id=43a1228
>> http://git.kernel.org/cgit/boot/dracut/dracut.git/commit/dracut.conf.d/fedora.conf.example?id=38e2177
>> no explanation why this was done
> Basically it's because compiled in arguments are hard to override and people
> could not boot after they changed disk configuration.
> I guess, s.th. like "rd.cmdline=clean rd.auto" or "rd.helpIwanttobootnow" is
> the better solution.


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