when trying to create a initramfs for a diskless client with dracut like

dracut -f initrd.diskless --kver=blabla--add nfs --add disklessmount 
  --kernel-cmdline "ip=eth0:dhcp root=nfs:<some ip>:/"

dracut will include a lot of references to the swap device of the host
where we execute this command. The 
will cause the diskless client to hang waiting for this device to show up.

The hard encoded swap device makes it impossible to create a initrd for
a host other than the one it is created on. The only workaround is to
comment out the line for the swap device in /etc/fstab, create the
initramfs and uncomment the line again. Not a good solution, though, as
we usually create the initrds automatically in %post sections of kernel rpms
and I don't want a script to mess around with the fstab.

As was proposed in 
there really should be a way to tweak the swap handling or at least to
disable it completely. I don't understand why I need a running swap
in the initramfs anyway, but if you see any interesting cases for this, 
please let me choose if I want it or not by default! For all our hosts
it would be ok if swap was only activated after chroot to /sysroot, and
all the "I cannot boot after I deleted/changed my swap space" posts you
find googling seem to indicate that many people could benefit from an 
easy way to disable swap in dracut.


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